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Speech of chairman

Since 1987 the company since the start of Jia Ming, Ming people always adhere to the spirit of unremitting self-improvement struggle, with the broad support of the friends of the community, has developed into a research and development, production, sales and other all in one service company. Here I want to express our heartfelt thanks to all the care, help and support the good that the company development leadership, friends!

In the process of enterprise development, the basic principles we uphold the bigger, stronger, to do, to establish scientific decision-making, management norms, strict management, clear rights of modern enterprise operation mechanism, with unremitting self-improvement, pragmatic and innovative spirit of enterprise, market business ideas uphold the integrity and pragmatic, win-win cooperation, to create "Jia Ming" brand, to create beyond the expected value for the customer, it is good that the company can continue to expand the development of internal factors.

Jia Ming is a 27 year history of the company, in 27 years the company continued to grow, and has made brilliant achievements in all the Ming people's efforts, "Zhejiang province high quality valve products", "quality of light industrial products, satisfactory quality brand", "Zhejiang Province outstanding technology products," 28 China multinational patent, foreign patents.

Jia Ming should be in the devotion to duty, take the customer demand as the standard, to user satisfaction as the ultimate goal, to create value for the customer power; in order to better serve customers, Jia Ming people constantly self demand, self promotion, also made the proud achievements; obtained certificates: "ISO9001 certificate", "SK certificate", "TUV certificate", "measurement management system certification", "special equipment manufacturing license", "three star harmonious enterprise", "ISO14001 certification", "OHSAS18001 certificate", "safety production standardization level three enterprise" etc..

Human development, social progress, our business in advance, Jia Ming company want to improve and enhance the quality of life of people with solid technical commitment and effort, with our development strategy, internationalization, modern high technology to make their lives better.