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Global Renewable Energy Increases Investment in record technology remains to be strengthened

Global Renewable Energy Increases Investment in record technology remains to be strengthened

On June 7th, the 8th Ministerial Conference on Clean Energy and the Second Ministerial Conference on Innovation Mission were held in Beijing. In the "Energy Regeneration Status and Challenges - Global Renewable Energy Development and Renewable Energy in China's Energy System (Hereinafter referred to as "REN21") released the "2017 Global Renewable Energy Status Report" (hereinafter referred to as "the report"), the global renewable energy development has been sorted out. Global energy transformation has been effective REN21's "report" shows a global energy transformation that has undergone a new record of new capacity for renewable energy; a rapid decline in costs, especially solar PV and wind power; economic growth and energy-related carbon emissions Decoupled for three consecutive years. Through the integration of cross-sectoral planning, the exciting use of new business models, and the creative application of multiple enabling technologies, innovation and a more sustainable way to meet human energy needs, is accelerating from fossil-dependent energy The transformation of the world to the renewable energy mode of operation. "Report" shows that in 2016, renewable energy new capacity growth record, a total of 161 GW, the global total installed capacity increased by about 9% compared to 2015. Solar PV in 2016 performance eye-catching, in the total installed capacity accounted for about 47%, followed by wind power, accounting for 34%, followed by hydropower, accounting for 15.5%. This is the fifth consecutive year, renewable energy installed capacity of new power generation (including all hydropower) investment is about twice the fossil energy power generation installed capacity, reaching 249.8 billion US dollars. At present, the world's annual renewable energy generating capacity than all the new fossil energy added capacity even more. Photovoltaic, wind power generation costs were a sharp downward trend in renewable energy to create new capacity to create a new record at the same time, the global photovoltaic and wind power generation costs are also declining. "The report" shows that the recent Argentina, Chile, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the PV market have a record price, which, in some countries, the tender price has been less than 0.03 US dollars / kWh. At the same time, many countries are also low wind power bidding prices, these countries are Chile, India, Mexico and Morocco. Denmark and the Netherlands offshore wind power tender price of new low, making the European offshore wind power industry to its 2025 years ago, offshore wind power price is lower than the price of coal a step further. At the same time, the report emphasizes that only rich countries can afford to use renewable energy is no longer applicable. Renewable energy is the largest installed capacity in developing countries, and mainly in China. Over the past eight years, China has been the largest developer of renewable energy power generation and heating. India's solar revolution and 48 developing countries that are committed to 100% renewable energy targets will continue to increase the share of developing countries in the global total installed capacity of renewable energy. Moreover, in 2015, developing countries and emerging countries have for the first time replaced the status of developed countries in terms of renewable energy investments (but developed countries have regained leadership in 2016, although China is still the country with the largest investment. ). It can be seen that in many cases, renewable energy is the lowest cost option. Investment in renewable energy technologies remains to be strengthened "The report also pointed out that despite the global renewable energy power and fuel capacity of new investment is about twice the fossil energy investment, 2016 renewable energy capacity growth than 2015 is still down 23%. In developing and emerging markets, renewable energy investments totaled $ 116.6 billion, down 30% from the previous year, while developed countries fell 14% to renewable energy, totaling $ 125 billion. The main flow of investment is still wind and solar energy, but if you want to achieve global warming control within 2 degrees Celsius within the target, all the renewable energy technologies need to be further developed. "We need to clean energy innovation, but how can innovation happen? Only put money into the development of clean energy technology in order to achieve innovation." International Energy Director Fatih Birol is frankly, the global energy industry annual investment More than 2 trillion US dollars, while the investment for research and development only 26 billion US dollars. Unfortunately, the world's largest three IT companies R & D investment together than the global clean energy R & D investment to more. In addition, from the global point of view, subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear power are still far more than subsidies for renewable energy technologies. As

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The first batch of green power certificate officially issued PV subsidy problems or will ease

The first batch of green power certificate officially issued PV subsidy problems or will ease

China's first green power certificate came. June 12, the National Renewable Energy Information Management Center WeChat issued a message saying that in accordance with the "National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Finance National Energy Board on the trial of renewable energy green power certificate issuance and voluntary subscription trading system notice" (development Energy [2017] No. 132) documents, to submit the application of Huaneng, Huadian, energy saving, water consultants and other enterprises belonging to 20 renewable energy power generation projects issued the first batch of green power certificate (hereinafter referred to as green card) Which will lay an important foundation for the voluntary subscription of the green card for the trial on 1 July. It is noteworthy that, through the green card transactions, enterprises with cost advantages of power generation indicators are not higher than the national subsidy prices sold out to achieve rapid recovery of cash flow, while the subsidy level is to ease the financial pressure through the quota system. In the industry view, the photovoltaic power generation enterprises to sell renewable energy green power certificate, the corresponding power no longer enjoy the national renewable energy price additional subsidies, PV subsidies will be alleviated. Green card is officially released February 3 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the National Energy Board issued "on the trial of renewable energy green power certificate issuance and voluntary subscription trading system notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), requiring green power certificate since July this year 1 day to carry out the subscription work, the subscription price in accordance with the certificate is not higher than the corresponding amount of renewable energy price of additional funds subsidy amount, by the buyers and sellers to negotiate or bid to determine the subscription price. According to the "notice", Green Power Certificate refers to the National Renewable Energy Information Management Center in accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Energy Board, according to renewable energy power through the National Energy Board Renewable Energy Power Generation Project Information Management platform to eligible renewable energy An electronic certificate issued by a power generation company with a unique code. It is noteworthy that the "notice" can be said to bring good news to the energy companies, because the green power certificate issued and connected to the electricity, as long as the green card can find buyers, wind power, photovoltaic companies can rely on electricity, from the market Way to quickly replenish funds, especially PV companies are particularly looking forward to the green power certificate. According to the National Renewable Energy Information Management Center news, this time a total of 20 new energy power generation projects issued 230,135 green card, green card characterization of the total electricity consumption of 230,135,000 kwh, the green card project is mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Shandong , Hebei, Xinjiang and other six provinces, the total installed capacity of 1.125 million kilowatts. Among them, the land wind power and photovoltaic power plant project can be completed by the information platform to voluntarily carry out the green license is eligible for registration, apply for the issuance of green card. The National Renewable Energy Information Management Center shall, after checking whether the project is included in the subsidy catalog of the electricity price, include the subsidized catalog capacity, apply for the monthly settlement power and the validity of the relevant certificates, issue the green card corresponding to the project electricity. The industry is conducive to ease the PV subsidy problem It is noteworthy that, whether it is wind power or photovoltaic industry, the issue of subsidies to become a photovoltaic business is currently facing a big problem, how to resolve has become placed in front of enterprises and departments in front of the thorny problem. However, with the green power certificate verification, PV subsidies will be alleviated. In many PV companies it seems that the PV project, the Green Power Certificate Exchange income may be appropriate to alleviate the PV subsidy problems brought cash flow pressure. The specific reason is that with the implementation of green certificate transactions, power generation enterprises can choose to PV power generation through the green certificate transactions, direct access to power generation income, to ease the cash flow of power generation enterprises and renewable energy subsidies due to the profitability of arrears, Project investment rate of return. The above "notice" clearly pointed out that the wind power, photovoltaic power generation enterprises to sell renewable energy green power certificate, the

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PV 105GW can not go beyond the market or will be turned to the Distributed Energy Bureau asked the provinces to submit the "thirteen five" development plan annual construction scale

PV 105GW can not go beyond the market or will be turned to the Distributed Energy Bureau asked the provinces to submit the "thirteen five" development plan annual construction scale

To implement the "thirteen five" plan for the development of renewable energy, optimize the management of renewable energy power construction, scientifically grasp the rhythm of renewable energy, strengthen the target lead and planning guidance, I Bureau is to improve the planning based on renewable energy Annual construction scale management mechanism. (Including wind power, photovoltaic power generation, biomass power generation, non-hydropower) "13th Five-Year Plan" implementation of the relevant materials and related recommendations, the specific requirements are as follows: First, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) energy authorities in accordance with the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board released the energy development "thirteen five" plan, renewable energy development, "thirteen five" Renewable energy "thirteen five" development plan annual construction scale plan notice and other relevant planning, and the National Energy Board approved the regional energy development "thirteen five" plan to the region's renewable energy development "thirteen five" plan As the basis for the proposed decomposition of the year 2017 to 2020 annual renewable energy power construction scale program, including the annual construction scale, construction type and construction layout. Second, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) energy authorities should put forward the power to send and consume as the region's annual renewable energy power construction scale and the basic prerequisite for its layout, do five years of planning and annual construction scale The convergence of the program to a one-time basis for the construction of the scale of the program for the work of the annual basis of the new construction scale put into practice, the relevant grid companies to invite the new construction of the scale of the network conditions and consumption programs to study, And asked the grid companies to issue electricity to send out and absorb the views. Third, the wind power to balance the scale of construction and power transmission and consumption of the match, in accordance with the "wind power development" thirteen five "planning" requirements, the eastern and southern regions of wind power grid size is not less than the planned grid-scale , The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) that fail to meet the number of hours of affordable utilization shall not formulate a higher scale than that proposed in the planning. Corresponding to the scale of construction should take into account the previous year has been issued to the scale of construction, high voltage delivery base construction scale. The total capacity of each high-voltage transmission base can be arranged according to the maximum capacity of wind power transmission. Fourth, photovoltaic power generation In accordance with the "solar energy development" thirteen five "plan" proposed in the grid-scale goals, combined with the region's energy planning and photovoltaic power generation planning, respectively, clearly the province (district, city) centralized photovoltaic power plant, New Scale of Distributed PV. In principle, the provinces and autonomous regions (autonomous regions and municipalities) should maintain a steady and orderly development. The corresponding scale of construction should be considered in the early stage of the annual construction scale. Photovoltaic leader base, photovoltaic poverty alleviation and special high-voltage delivery base construction scale. In addition to specifically to send solar energy-based special high-voltage delivery base, in principle, the special high-voltage base of photovoltaic power generation configuration of the total size of not more than 200 million kilowatts. 5, biomass power generation (including agricultural and forestry biomass power generation and waste incineration power generation) in accordance with the "National Energy Bureau Comprehensive Division on the preparation. Report" thirteen five "biomass power generation project construction plan notice" (National Energy New (2017) No. 180), as soon as possible to report the implementation of biomass power generation plan. With the conditions can be decomposed into the annual, can not be included in the accurate annual, "13" during the construction scale and project layout. Six, all kinds of distributed photovoltaic power generation, decentralized wind power and biogas power generation, not subject to the regional new construction scale restrictions. The expected scale of distributed photovoltaic, decentralized wind power and biogas power generation should be listed in the annual scale of construction of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the region, which may be higher than the expected scale in the original construction plan. In addition to the type of construction on the scale of my limited size, other types once the size of the new construction scale, the p

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